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Preparation for our Spring Council

Mar 18, 2008

Montford Point Marine Association Inc. National Newsletter

March/April 2008

“Preserving the Legacy”

Fellow members, supporters and friends,

2008 Spring Council
Preparation for our Spring Council tops the list of news
for this edition of our Newsletter. The Spring Council is
for members of the National Executive Council which
included the National Officers, Chapter Presidents and
former National Presidents. All members of the Association
may attend this meeting. My first Spring Council 10 years
ago really helped to give me an insight as to how our
Association works. Both the Spring Council and our
National Convention will be held at the Downtown Houston
Regency Hotel. Spring Council Dates are 17-20 April with
the 17th and 20th being travel Days. If you are attending
please make your reservations now. The number to the Hyatt
is 713-654-1234. Please do not forget to ask for the
Montford Point Rate.

Changes to the National By-laws: Changes to our National by
Laws are done by resolution only. Request for changes
should be in resolution format and submitted to the Chair
of the Resolutions Committee, Alexandria Johnson at least
60 days prior to our National Convention. Alexandria may be
contacted at:
Alexandria Johnson
Resolutions Chair MPMA
13 Freemont Turn
Palm Coast, FL 32137-8416

Awards:Nominations for Association Awards are due no later
than the first day of our Spring Council (18 April 2008).
Please refer to our by-laws for the details of these
awards. As always, our Awards Committee Chair and Western
Regional Vice President, Nathaniel Hosea, sent packages to
Chapter Presidents in late January detailing these awards.
Award recommendations can come from any member but we
prefer to receive them from Chapter Presidents or Regional
Vice Presidents.
There will be example Award Submissions for the
Hall-of-Fame in this year’s package. Those members who are
considered but not selected for the Hall of Fame will
automatically be considered for another award. Our Award
Committee consists of the Chair, National Vice President,
Regional Vice Presidents and one Past National President as
an advisor. For more information about awards, please
contact Nathaniel Hosea at 714-537-3112.

MPMA Convention 2009: It’s never too early to start
planning to host a convention. If you are interested
please let our National Convention Director Nat James or
the National Vice President Mike Johnson know. We are
rapidly reaching the critical stage for planning. If you
are planning on submitting a proposal for Convention 2009,
please let me know immediately.

National News: The Month of February was an extremely
active month for the Association both on a local and
national perspective. Many members attended multiple events
during the month. Both your National Vice President Mike
Johnson and I attended the St Louis Chosen Few Banquet and
the related events in St Louis. We forged a partnership
with the St Louis Soldiers Memorial and we want to
establish a semi permanent display at this magnificent
building located just across from city hall. We are calling
on members, specifically those in the Midwest, to donate
Montford Point items to this memorial. Items can be
donated through our Central Regional Vice President,
Anthony Chestang. This in no way will take away from
articles from our own Museum but will work in concert. The
Mayor of St Louis, Francis G. Slay, presented the St Louis
Chapter with a proclamation establishing Montford Point
week in the City of St Louis. We also received a
proclamination from US Representative William Lacy Clay
acknowledging the pioneering work of the Montford Pointers.
Although we lost a very prominent St. Louis Chapter member
in Bill Washington right before this event, his spirit was
with us every day. The US Senate Chaplain, retired Admiral
Barry Black, was the guest speaker and, as always, Admiral
Black delivered a inspirational speech about the Montford
Pointers and stayed around for a least an hour after the
event signing copies of his book: “From the Hood to the
Hill” that depicts his rise from Baltimore “hood” to the
hallowed chambers of the US Senate.
There was also a contingent from Chicago that included
Original Montford Pointers and Hall of Fame members Harry
Hamilton, Wendell Ferguson and John Vanoy as well as the
Chicago Chapter Ladies Auxiliary President and former
National Queen Mrs. Valerie Neal. From Detroit we had the
Chapter President Sylvia Riley and Original Montford Point
and Hall-of-Fame member George Taylor. National Treasurer
Charles Stallard was also in attendance with his wife Jane.
Special thanks to Regional Vice President Chestang for
taking very special care of me from my arrival to

I also attended a very special Banquet at Morgan State
University that honored Past National President Jerome
Milburn. Maryland Chapter #17 President William Foreman
was in attendance with about 8 chapter members to include
five original Montford Pointers. NY Chapter member Joe
Davis also made the drive from NYC to see our former
National President receive some much deserved honors. PNP
Milburn received a host of honors from the Governor of
Maryland to the Special President’s Certificate I awarded
him. PNP Milburn also assisted in handing out many honors
throughout the evening and is much deserving of this
fantastic night in his honor!

Philadelphia Chapter Vice President Charles Clarke and I
manned a table at the Philadelphia Black History showcase
on February 17th at the Philadelphia Convention Center
which we had literally thousands of individuals stop by our
table and gather information. I had to make a trip home to
bring in more information because everything we initially
brought was gone by noon. We made numerous contacts at this
event and managed to get one membership and to sell items
for the National Quartermaster.

I closed out the month by attending the Quantico Black
History month program at the Fredericksburg Convention
Center. There we had a table display for the 700 plus in
attendance. The Quantico Chapter President Kenny Crutcher,
and our National Public Relations Officer, Eric Lindsay,
were in attendance as well as about 8 Quantico members.
Sadly, long time member retired Master Sergeant Donna
Coursey lost her dad right after the event. Donna had
visited with her Dad before the event at the hospital and
was returning for another visit after the event when her
Dad passed. Besides being a long time member of the DC-6
Chapter, Donna also plays an active role in the Quantico
Black History month event. Our prayers go out to you
Donna. Finally a very special thank you to the Quantico
Black History Month Committee Chair, retired Master
Sergeant William “Bill” Jones, who always ensures the
Montford Pointers are well taken care of at this event!

New Chapters:I am extremely proud to announce that Cherry
Point Chapter #36 stood up on Thursday 13 March 2008! Our
Southern Regional Vice President, James Averhart and many
others, worked extremely hard to finally bring a chapter to
the Cherry Point Area. We have fourteen members sign a new
charter and write checks to the Association. Gunnery
Sergeant Jason Mathis will be appointed as the interim
Chapter President of Cherry Point #36. Well done to all
who had a hand in getting a Chapter near the Marine Corps
Air Station at Cherry Point!

We are thankful that Atlanta is once again back in the fold
of the Association. Atlanta #5 officially is back with
retired Gunnery Sergeant Linda Sykes as the interim Chapter
President. On March 15th Linda and her husband retired
Master Sergeant Glen Sykes, held an initial meeting and had
fourteen new members sign their new charter as well as
checks to the Association! We all remember the great
convention that was held in Atlanta under the leadership of
Past Chapter President Chris Primose. We are hoping for a
National Event in Atlanta soon.

The Southern Regional Meeting will be held 28-29 March in
Jacksonville, North Carolina. I plan on being in attendance
to formally award charters and letters of appointment to
these two chapters.

Chapter Happenings:
New York Metro: Our very own Northern Regional Vice and
New York Chapter President James Carr, serves as the Vice
President of Operations for the New York City Leatherneck
Scholarship Ball which will be held on Friday April 18th
2008 at the NY Hilton. I know many of us will be at the
Spring Council during this period, however this is a huge
event and we are lucky to have James as an integral part of
this event.

San Diego Chapter #12; Chapter President Charlie Lewis
along with three Original Montford Pointers Carrel Reavis,
Willie Marbrey and John Inge) attended a National Retired
Federal Employees meeting where Charlie is the 1st Vice
President and Charlie showed our Documentary Film. Charlie
also set up a display to spread information about Montford
Point. San Diego, like many chapters, had an extremely busy
month of February and he and his members attended more
events than I can list here. What is important is that
many of us belong to other Veteran Organizations and we
need to establish reciprocity with these organizations so
that we can both reach our organizational goals. Thanks
Charlie for always putting MPMA out front!

Indianapolis: Will hold their Annual Luncheon on Saturday,
17 May at the American Legion on Martin Luther King Drive.
Tickets for this event are $8.00 and may be purchased from
the Chapter President, Sergeant Major Johnny Washington.
The Sergeant Major can be reached at 317-549-2849.

Louisville Chapter #22: had to postpone their 4th Annual
Covington-Hagan Scholarship Banquet on Saturday, March 8th
because of the sudden snow storm that came through that
area. This event has been rescheduled for Friday, April
11th. Ticket price is $50.00 per person. Point of contact
for tickets and additional information is Chapter President
Charles Stallard at 502-231-0132 (H) 502-550-2423 (C) or
email I will be the guest speaker
at this event.

Queens Contest: By now many chapters are in full swing with
the raffle ticket sales for our National Fundraiser. For
those who are not familiar, the Queens Contest is our only
National Fundraiser to help with our scholarship efforts
and operational costs. Tickets sell for $1.00 each or
$25.00 for a book. Chapters are required to sell a minimum
of $500.00 worth of tickets to remain in good financial
standing with the Association. The Chapter Queen that
sells the most tickets is crowned National Queen at our
convention. In speaking to our National Special Projects
Officer George Herring, he reports that the highest gross
amount we have ever raised was 34K. I have established a
goal of 40K for this year. There is no doubt we can reach
this goal. Many of you have asked me over the past year
what you can do to assist in our efforts to gain national
attention for the Montford Pointers. My answer is to buy
raffle tickets!!! These tickets sales also offset some of
the travel I must do to ensure America finally hears the
complete story about Montford Point. I cannot communicate
this story to the masses by sitting in my home in
Pennsylvania. I must travel to these events to get that
word out. In the past I have offered to fill out the stubs
for those who purchase tickets from me. I first want those
chapter members to purchase tickets from your chapter
representative, however if you are a member at large or a
supporter, I’m asking you to write a check for $50.00 or
$100.00 to the Association for Queens Tickets and I will
personally make up address labels for you. Again this is
what you can do to help the Association offset the many
events that I must attend to keep our momentum going.
Please take time and write your check today! George is once
again asking that chapters submit their monthly reports and
to send him your reports and checks by 1 July. Chapter
representatives are requested to bring their final report
and all stubs to the National Convention in Houston.

Chapter Newsletters and Websites: I continue to be
impressed by the number of chapters who now have chapter
newsletters. I know that the New York, DC-6, Camp Lejeune
Chapter and the Quantico Chapter all put out newsletters
that covers both national and local news. Please continue
to copy me on these newsletters. Our website has seen over
7500 “hits” over the past three months with many of these
“hits” coming from new supporters. Master Gunnery Sergeant
Gilbert Taylor continues to update this site on a regular
basis as do the Camp Lejeune, Maryland 28 and NY Chapter
webmasters. Maintaining these sites requires a lot of work
so a very special thank you to all the webmasters who
constantly work to ensure accurate and new information is
posted regularly on these sites.

To Johnny Thompkins, Robert Flowers and Joe Cobbs, who
spent time during February at the Carter Woodson Black
History Month exhibit at Twin Rivers Mall in New Bern,
North Carolina. They were all featured in a great story by
Charlie Hall in the New Bern Sun Journal
This is not the first story that Charlie Hall has written
about the Montford Pointers. We appreciate Charlie’s
continued support!

To Navy Captain Annie B. Andrews, Commanding Officer of the
Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes Illinois. Captain
Andrews was the featured speaker at the 2007 Chicago’s
Presidents Ball and promised to include the Montford
Pointers in ceremonies aboard Great Lakes, which she did in
February. Original Montford Pointers from the Chicago
Chapter were recognized during ceremonies aboard Great
Lakes. Thanks Captain for being true to your word!!!

National Chaplain: Chapter Presidents and members are
reminded to encourage our elder members to prepare a bio
for the press and the funeral home. We often get last
minute requests from the family asking about their loved
one’s service dates, rank, etc… Please make sure that
up-to-date bio information is ready at the Chapter level.
Members are reminded to report the lost of members and
supporters immediately to our National Chaplin, Reverend
James Moore. Reverend Moore may be reached at 843-846-0881
or email at:

Chapter Rosters: As we get closer to Spring Council and
Convention time, it is extremely important that our
National Recording Secretary, Regina Lawrence, has
up-to-date rosters of all your members who are in good
standing (read: paid up members) within the Association.
Chapter Presidents, please ensure this happens at your
earliest. Out of date rosters costs us in postage and
prevents our newest members from receiving updates such as
this one. Please get these rosters in soon!

As always, please continue to check our official website
for more information through the Association at or or or

Please continue to do all that you do to Preserve the
Legacy of our heroes!

Semper Fidelis!

Joseph H. Geeter III
Master Gunnery Sergeant (retired)
National President
Montford Point Marine Association Inc.
27 Red Tail Court
Limerick, PA 19468



Historical advisor Byron Stewart PhD


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