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National Update July/August 2006 MPMA

Aug 12, 2006

Montford Point Marine Association Inc. National Update
July/August 2006

Fellow members, friends,

Welcome to the many new individuals on this update list.
For the benefit of the first timers receiving this update,
this email list is to be used exclusively for the passing
of information concerning the Montford Point Marine
Association. Please do not forward the names on this list
for any other purpose. Please do forward this information
to anyone you determine appropriate. Because it is so late
in the month, this update will serve as the July and August

Convention 2006
Convention 2006 was a huge success! Special thanks go to
National Convention Director and Camp Lejeune Chapter #10
President, Nathaniel James and his members!! Organizing a
convention that utilizes three hotels and three different
venues for meetings and events is no small task. Couple
that with taking the responsibility of coordinating
transportation for members and dignitaries alike and the
task can be monumental to most folks, but not Chapter#10.
The five ticketed events and the preview of our Documentary
Film were all Homeruns!

Academy Award Winner Actor Lou Gossett Jr. was the
highlight of both the Documentary Preview and the National
Banquet. Mr. Gossett graciously talked to, took pictures
with and signed many autographs for hundreds of members and
fans. Mr. Gossett is committed to seeing the story of the
Men of Montford Point is widely told to the American
people. Special thanks to Dr Melton McLaurin, retired
Lieutenant Colonel Clarence Willie, Finney Greggs and his
wife Louise for their untiring devotion to this project!
Other highlights of Convention 2006 are:

Our Documentary preview was a standing room only event!
The documentary was well received by all. As mentioned by
Dr McClaurin during the presentation, we could not possibly
fit all 60 original Montford Point interviewees into the
film. However we expect a webpage to be up and running in
the coming weeks that will have a 60 second clip and
additional information from all interviewees. More
information will be passed as soon as it is available.

The President’s Reception was greatly enhanced with the
presence of many General and Senior Officers and the Mayor
of Jacksonville, who presented us with a proclamation
proclaiming Montford Point Week in Jacksonville for our

We had a few special guest talk to our members about
Veteran’s Affairs. Dr. Eugene Oddone of the Veteran
Affairs Medical Center in Raleigh, NC gave us a
comprehensive talk about health care issues that peaked the
interest of many members and Clarice Joynes, the Mayor of
New York City’s Executive Director of Veteran Affairs and a
Marine Corps Veteran, discussed a variety of issues to
include benefits that was also well received by our
members. We also had Dr. Reuben L. Wright, Community
Outreach Coordinator for the Department of Veterans Affairs
address us. Thank you to the entire special guests who
took the time to travel to Jacksonville and present to our
members!!! Special Thanks to retired Colonel Aaron Butler
in the Health Diversity Department among veterans
department for seeking us out.

An impressive Ladies Auxiliary Fashion show coordinate by
the Ladies with help from Oletha Sloan and Showtime

A group picture of the convention group at the Camp Lejeune
Clubhouse (The Point). Picture is available for $12.00
which includes shipping and handling. Please contact me or
Past national Public Relations Officer Gilbert Taylor with
your picture requests.

A spectacular banquet in which nearly 60 Original Montford
Pointers were in attendance. Lou Gossett was our guest
speaker. Also, Major Generals Walter Gaskin and Ron
Coleman gave opening remarks along with Marine Corps Base
Camp Lejeune Commander Colonel Adele Hodges and the
MCSSS/Camp Johnson Commanding Officer, Colonel Grover C.

Re-election of Leo Taylor as Veterans Officer, George
Herring as Special Projects Officer, Gene Doughty as our
Scholarship Director and newly elected Eric Lindsay as our
National Public Relations Officer defeating the incumbent
Carmen Cordoba. Gene Doughty has informed us that he will
not seek nor will he accept re-election of his office.
Gene’s term is two years so we are actively looking for a
person to succeed Gene because no one can replace him.

There were two resolutions to our National By-Laws
introduced at the business meetings; the first was to allow
non-veteran supporters run for office at the chapter level.

This was voted down. The Association supports non-veterans
assisting us in our goals however, the body did not want a
non-veteran making decisions or representing veterans. The
second resolution for a defined uniform for our group was
tabled because of the lack of time for a meaningful
discussion and to detail how this uniform would affect the
Ladies of the Association.

Our National Vice President plans to refine and reintroduce
this Resolution at Convention 2007. Special thanks to our
Resolution Chair, Alexandria Johnson, for putting these
resolutions in the proper format and mailing them to
Chapter Presidents.

The Chicago Chapter recaptured the Queen’s title from New
York. Our new Queen, Sontrese Williams, rose over $7100.00
for our Scholarship and Operating Expense funds!!!! Camp
Lejeune’s was second with $4,229.00 and New York’s 2005
National Queen Mayrin Anton Joneita Carroll was 3rd, she
raised over $2,600.00. This year’s Queens Contest
grossed nearly $30,000.00 for the Association! Thanks to
all who assisted in reaching this milestone!

The raffle winners were; 1st place ($2,500.00) Roderick
Jewell Jr. of Louisville, ticket sold by Markita Jones. 2d
place ($500.00) Dorethea White of Randallstown, Maryland.
3rd Place ($300.00) James W. Baldwin of Washington, DC
ticket sold by James McBryde. Congratulations to all the

Camp Lejeune Chapter #10 received Chapter of the Year

Man of the Year went to Ernest Richardson of the NY Chapter

The Semper Fidelis Award went to Finney Greggs of Camp
Lejeune Chapter #10 and 1stSgt Anthony Landrum of
Jacksonville, FL Chapter

2006 Hall of Fame inductees were: John “Zeke” Clouser,
James Jackson, Kenneth Rollock, George Taylor, and Herman
Darden (Posthumously) and John Warner Hagan also

Membership:Our Association Year runs from 1 September to 31
August. Accordingly, all Annual National and Chapter dues
are due. A late charge of $2.00 will be imposed for those
failing to renew their membership by 30 September.

Those paying installments of Life Membership are also
reminded that their membership is required to be paid in
full two years after you begin the installments. Chapter
Presidents, please mail all membership monies to David
Fortune our National Financial Secretary.

Miscellaneous:Please see your local Chapter President for
copies of all the reports that were submitted during the

The site of Convention 2007 will be Jacksonville, Florida.
Detailed information about Spring Council 2007 & Convention
2007 will be passed as soon as it is available. We also
received three notifications of interests for Convention
2008 and we look forward to receiving additional
information at the 2007 Spring Council.

Hubert Potter has provided the following link of Sergeant
Major deceased Louis Roundtree. This video was shot by the
Today Show after the Sergeant Major escaped from a NVA unit
in Vietnam that annihilated his entire unit.

A Legacy of Passion Salute To Montford Point Marine James
E. (Jimmy) Stewart’s life (1912 - 1997) Aug 18, 2006 Time
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Location Chesapeake Event Center at the
Oklahoma Historical Society 2401 North Laird Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105 For more information, please
contact Maryland #28 Chapter President James Stewart at

Museum of Black WWII History: For those who may be
visiting in the Vermont area, there is a Museum of Black
WWII History in Pownal, VT. Museum is run by a 63 year old
non veteran who simply saw that African American World War
II veterans were not getting their just due. Bruce W. Bird,
who is the founder and Curator, decided to start his own
museum. I have talked with Mr. Bird and he is sincere in
letting folks know the contributions of African Americans.
In support of his museum I sent him a box of publications
and articles about the Montford Pointers. Bruce may be
reached at 802-823-5519 for those planning a trip to the
New England area.

In Search of: Gail Chatfield, who is writing a book about
Iwo Jima, is looking to interview any Black Marines who
served on Iwo Jima. She will be attending the 4th Marine
Division reunion in Atlanta, GA August 23-28. Please
contact Gail at 858-205-2600 or by email at;

Marine Corps Ball Celebrations: Chapters are reminded to
submit request for guest speakers for their annual
balls/banquets and events early to ensure you get your
speaker of choice. Requests should be submitted to the
speaker in writing, detailing all the particulars about the
event. Request for National Officers should include
whether the Chapter is reimbursing travel, lodging, etc…
Again, the Ball Season is an excellent opportunity to
educate Marines and others about the Montford Pointers.

For those located near Marine Commands, request special
recognition be given to the Montford Pointers during these
events. Please inform both the National Public Relations
Officer, Eric Lindsay, 703-432-9035 or,and National Recording
Secretary, Regina Lawrence, 804-279-3589,
the particulars of birthday celebrations and any other
activities in your area.

Chapter Events:

Philadelphia #1 will hold their third annual Marine Corps
Birthday celebration on Saturday, 11 November beginning at
8:00 PM. Event will be at the Holiday Inn City Line Avenue
and the Cost is $50.00 per person. For tickets and
additional Information please call Joe Geeter at

New York Chapter #3: will hold their Annual Dinner Dance on
Sunday, November 12th beginning with a Social Hour at
6:30PM. Event will be at Antun’s Caterer’s and the cost is
$55.00 per person. The guest speaker will be the 14th
Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, Sergeant Major Alford
L. McMichael. For tickets contact the NY Chapter at

Mobile Alabama Chapter #33 will hold their first Mobile
Chapter of the Montford Point Marine Association Ball on
Saturday, 4 November 2006 at the Country Club of Mobile,
AL. The guest speaker will be Lieutenant General retired
Frank E. Petersen Jr. For tickets and additional
information, please call or email Chapter President Rodney
Lee at work 251-478-1222, cell 251-554-6238 or by email at;

Quantico Chapter #32 will hold their 1st Annual
Commemorative Ball on Friday, 25 August 2006 beginning with
a Social hour at 6:30PM. Event will be at The Clubs at
Quantico and the Cost is $55.00 per person. The guest
speaker will be the 14th Sergeant Major of the Marine
Corps, Sergeant Major Alford L. McMichael. For tickets and
additional information please call Teffron Riley at
571-225-3224 or Parisa Fetherson at 540-446-6231

Los Angeles Chapter #8: Will celebrate the 231st Marine
Corps Birthday on Saturday, 11 November 2006 beginning at
7:00 PM. Event will be at the Los Angeles Air Force Club
and the cost is $50.00 per person. For tickets call the LA
Chapter President Mike Johnson at 909-815-1972.

Kudos: Past National Public Relation Officer, Master
Gunnery Sergeant Gilbert Taylor. During the entire
convention the Masterguns was lending a hand when he could
be it helping out the National Quartermaster, taking
pictures, including the official group shop, or designing
the program for the Documentary Film Preview, the
Masterguns is always available and responsive when I call.
Thanks “T”!

To the convention registration helpers who, not knowing who
I was, volunteered to help correlate and staple, the
agenda, Documentary Program, The State of the Association
and mounds of paperwork that I travel with. Proving again
our motto of “Working Together Works”.

As always, please continue to check our official website
for more information through the Association at or or or

Please continue to do all that you do to Preserve the
Legacy of our heroes!

Semper Fidelis!

Joe Geeter
Master Gunnery Sergeant (retired)
National President
Montford Point Marine Association
27 Red Tail Court
Limerick, PA 19468



Historical advisor Byron Stewart PhD


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