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World Wide Membership Drive

Jan 5, 2006

Event Details:
Welcome from the Montford Point Marines. All Services

Established to Perpetuate the legacy of the First African
Americans who entered the United States Marine Corps from
1942 to 1949. All branches of the U. S. Military past or
present are welcome regardless of race, creeds, or national
origin. Membership in the Ladies Auxiliary is open to
wives, daughters, sisters, and mothers of members of the U.
S. Military past or present.

Recent events have proven the strength, stability and
solidarity of the United States, the continent of North
America and the entire free world. This same attitude of
camaraderie has always been one of the basic building
blocks of the Montford Point Marines. Although Veterans
come from all walks of life, our friendship, support and
devotion to each other are unwavering. And there are so
many reasons for this.

Whether you’re looking for a place that you and your family
can become socially active, or you want to be involved with
a group that supports an upstanding charitable cause, the
Montford Point Marines offers all of this, and more.

The Montford Point Marines is a fraternity — a group of men
and women with common interests who basically enjoy having
a good time and serving the community.

You may recognize the Veterans as the men who march in
parades, or you may think of the Montford Point Marines

But just who are the Montford Point Marines — these men who
belong to this colorful and patriotic organization? One
thing that all Veterans have in common is their heritage.

All Veterans are a fraternity that is even larger and older
than the Montford Point Marines itself. All Veterans are
committed to making good men better — an extension of the
golden rule. And all Veterans share the belief in the

As I mentioned earlier, Veterans come from all walks of
life. We are doctors and dentists, movie stars and stage
performers, plumbers and mechanics. We’re husbands and
fathers, corporate executives, the fellow who lives next
door or works in the office down the hall.

The Montford Point Marines hold regular meetings, and we
also have many fun activities for our members, such as
barbecues, fish fries, dances, banquets, and so forth.

The Montford Point Marines knows that a man’s family is
extremely important, and we include a variety of activities
and events that the whole family can enjoy.

One of the best things about being a Montford Point Marine
is that no matter who you are, no matter what you do for a
living, no matter where you go, you are never a stranger —

Wherever you go, you can be assured of meeting men with a
similar background and enthusiasm for living.

What the average person cannot know, what they can never
experience — unless they are Veterans — is the camaraderie,
the deep friendships, the good fellowship and the great
times shared by all Veterans.

But I don’t want any of you to think that the fun and
fellowship of the Montford Point Marines is all there is.

The purpose of the Association is voluntary participation
in, support, and promotion of community services, for
improving social conditions of our veterans, families,
youth and the growing population of senior citizens.

As you can see, a Montford Point Marines life is full — we
have fun and fellowship.

If you need a sense of belonging — we’ve got it. If you
have a longing to help others — we’ve got it.

If you want more friends in your life — we’ve got it. If
you want family activities to enjoy — we’ve got that, too.

So, if you want to be a part of a premier organization,
consider what the Montford Point Marines can do for you.

Thank you for your time.

James E Stewart Jr.
President Montford Point Marines 28



Historical advisor Byron Stewart PhD


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