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National Update July/August 2005  

Jul 24, 2005

Fellow members, friends,

Welcome to the many new individuals on this update list.
For the benefit of the first timers receiving this update,
this email list is to be used exclusively for the passing
of information concerning the Montford Point Marine
Association. Please do not forward the names on this list
for any other purpose. Please do forward this information
to anyone you determine appropriate. Because it is so late
in the month, this update will serve as the July and August

It is my great honor to inform those who were not at the
convention, or have not been informed, that I have been
elected as your National President. In a very classy
gesture, Past National President Nathaniel James conceded
the election on the first day of business meetings.
Nathaniel thanked his wife Judy for her six years of
support as he led our Organization out of near bankruptcy
into financial solvency. This has been the smoothest
transfer of the National Presidency that I have seen in my
18 years with the Association. I have attached a letter of
my goals and objectives that, with you help, I would like
to accomplish during my time as your spokesperson for the
Association. We have a lot of work ahead and I am
confident that with your new National Vice President, Mike
Johnson from the LA Chapter, we can reach new highs in our
Association. Please read over the attached carefully, it
was written with great care and will serve as my guide as I
begin a journey that was forecasted years ago by my mentor,
Brooks Gray.

The first question that I get from many is “how can I
help?” The very first thing you can do is to become
current in your membership. We can only be as strong as our
membership. Many of you have been supporters for years,
but have not become official members. I encourage you all
to become members of your chapter of choice, or a
member-at-large. While we are more financially sound then
we were six years ago, we have a long way to go before we
have enough capital to fulfill our goals. I have also
attached a membership application in this update. Please
fill free to tailor this application to fit your individual
Chapter needs. Our membership year runs from 31 August – 1
September. This means that membership dues are due for
individuals who are paying annually. Recruiting new
members is of course the Lifeblood of our Association and
cannot be emphasized enough. Please do not put off any
longer renewing or becoming current in your membership.
‘Nuff said.

Like Brooks Gray, I firmly believe in communicating with
the masses and for those whom I regularly send packages to,
some stamps would be greatly appreciated. Please do not
send me any money or checks to me personally, but a few
stamps, of any denomination, would help. All current
Presidential Appointees will remain in place. After the
convention reports are in, I will look at appointees and
make decisions if there are to be changes.

Because Mike Johnson had to resign his position as National
Sergeant-at-Arms after being elected National Vice
President, I will appoint Chicago Chapter Vice President
Racine “Tree” Wilson to fill that position until the
current term expires in July 2006. I have known Tree for
over 22 years and he has actively participated in the past
four National Conventions. I am confident he will fill
this position adequately until election 2006.

Convention 2005
Convention 2005 was a huge success! Special thanks go to
local convention coordinator, Chicago Chapter President,
Norman Payne and his entire crew of workers. They all
worked tirelessly to ensure every logistical matter down to
the last detail went smoothly. Some highlights of the

We received a detailed update on the documentary film on
Montford Point. Brief was conducted by Dr. Clarence
Willie, a retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel and
Superintendent of the School District of Fairfield County,
SC. Lieutenant Colonel Willie was instrumental in securing
the $500,000.00 grant from Congress and is dedicated to
ensure we make a quality Documentary about the Montford
Pointers. Target date for release is Convention 2006 in
Jacksonville, North Carolina.
A group picture of the convention group at the Chicago
Hyatt Hotel. Picture is available for $12.00 which
includes shipping and handling. Please contact me with
your picture requests.
A spectacular banquet in which nearly 80 Original Montford
Pointers were in attendance. Admiral Anthony L. Winns,
Deputy Director, Air Warfare at the Pentagon was our guest
speaker. Also, Major General select Walter Gaskin gave
opening remarks. General Gaskin also expressed the need
for qualified persons to sign up or renew their membership.
General Gaskin proudly showed his membership card to the
audience. Also in attendance were US Congressman Danny
Davis and a host of other local and state dignitaries.
Besides the election of the National President and Vice
President, the body voted re-election of incumbent
officers; National Recording Secretary, Regina Lawrence and
National Financial Secretary, David Fortune. Regional Vice
President Charles Stallard was elected as our National
Treasurer, defeating the incumbent Houston Shinal.
The New York Chapter captured the Queen’s title from
Chicago. Our new Queen, Mayrin Anton, raised over
$5,998.00 for our Scholarship and Operating Expense
funds!!!! Chicago’s Mary Carol Randall was second with
$5,388.00 and Camp Lejuene’s Former National Queen, Joneita
Carroll was 3rd, she raised over $3,000.00. This year’s
Queens Contest grossed over $30,000.00 for the Association!
Thanks to all who assisted in reaching this milestone!
The raffle winners were; 1st place ($2,500.00) Adilah
Younkins of Chicago, ticket sold by Gus Willis. 2d place
($500.00) James Stewart of Maryland #28, ticket sold by
James Stewart. 3rd Place ($200.00) Bobby Taylor of
Indianapolis, ticket sold by N. Blunt. Congratulations to
all the winners!
Chicago Chapter #2 received Chapter of the Year honors.
Man of the Year went to A. “Sonny” Griffin and Jesse
James Calendar award went to Colonel Anselm J. Dyer
The Semper Fidelis Award went to National Financial
Secretary David Fortune (Philly) and to Howard Neal
Woman of the Year went to Rochelle Crump (Chicago).
Lester Granger Award went to Effie Wilson (Chicago)
2004 Hall of Fame inductees were: Joe Davis, LtCol Joe
Montgomery, Wendell R. Ferguson, Harry Hamilton, Norman
Payne, Johnny Washington, John Vanoy and Posthumously to
O’ther (Special) Givens, our 2d National President & John
T. Covington
Past National Vice President, Elijah Abram received a long
overdue award for his seven years serving as National Vice


Please see your local Chapter President for copies of all
the reports that were submitted during the convention. The
site of Convention 2006 will be Camp Lejeune. Detailed
information about Spring Council 2006 & Convention 2006
will be passed as soon as it is available.

Mr. J.D. Lewis, Jr., who was a Montford Point Marine,
recently, had the Garner Road YMCA name a new building in
his honor. He was one of the first black broadcasters in
radio, and television in this country. We have a received a
DVD from Mr. Clarence Williams, Program Director from
WRAL-TV detailing Mr. Lewis’ story. Mr. Lewis is 86 years
old and lives in Goldsboro, N.C

Mahoning County (Youngstown) in Ohio is currently seeking
the names of African American Veterans from Ohio to be
included in a War Memorial they are building. Please
contact Anthony Feldes at 330-559-7590 for more

For those interested in obtaining the new Silver Dollar
celebrating the 230th anniversary of our Corps, please
click on this link.

Members of the New York Chapter recently help ring the bell
at the NY Stock Exchange. Please click on
The below link for the pix. On the left is Chapter
Financial Secretary James Maillard, on the Bell is Exec
Dir Veterans Affairs & Chapter Member Clarice Joynes,
MGySgt James Carr is in the back row, far right.

Members are reminded to contact National Chaplin Reverend
James Moore IMMEDIATELY upon learning of the death of a
Montford Pointer or MPMA Association member. Reverend
Moore would like to timely contact the family upon hearing
of a death. Even if we are notified late, please contact
Reverend Moore as soon as possible. Reverend Moore can be
reached at 843-525-1161 or .

Marine Corps Ball Celebrations
Chapters are reminded to submit request for guest speakers
for their annual balls/banquets and events early to ensure
you get your speaker of choice. Requests should be
submitted to the speaker in writing, detailing all the
particulars about the event. Request for National Officers
should include whether the Chapter is reimbursing travel,
lodging, etc… Again, the Ball Season is an excellent
opportunity to educate Marines and others about the
Montford Pointers. For those located near Marine Commands,
request special recognition be given to the Montford
Pointers during these events. Please inform both the
National Public Relations Officer, Carmen Cordoba, 703-784-6407, and National Recording
Secretary, Regina Lawrence, 804-279-3589,
the particulars of birthday celebrations and any other
activities in your area.

In Search of:
Quartense Jett Wade, the Widow of George Jett who served
with the 52nd Defense Battalion in the Pacific from
September 1944 to 26 March 1946, is looking for anyone who
served with her husband. Marine Jett was a radar operator.
If you know of anyone who served with Marine Jett, please
contact me and I’ll put you in touch with his widow.

Master Gunnery Sergeant John Hood, MPMA Convention Banquet
Director. The Masterguns was given a Special Award for his
diligent work in ensuring our Banquet was properly
conducted with all appropriate protocol. Masterguns
quietly has been going about this duty for the past three
conventions and we really appreciate his help. Thanks
Masterguns for your continued support!!!

Past National President Gene Doughty will be a guest
panelist at the International Conference on World War II
October 5-9 2005 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Gene will
speak on 5 October from 4:00- 5:30 pm on his experiences as
one of the first Black Marines and his combat time on Iwo
Jima. For more information on this convention, please

Major General Cornell A. Wilson Jr. relinquished command
of II MACE, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina on 15 July 2005.
The General’s next assignment will be at Headquarters
Marine Corps, Quantico, Virginia, as the Director of
Reserve Affairs.

Brigadier General Anthony L. Jackson was recently frocked
to his current rank and is serving as the Deputy Commanding
General of US Marine Corps Central Command. Please click
on the link for pictures;

General Jackson served as the Commandant’s Equal
Opportunity Advisor and was instrumental in allowing me to
serve as a Equal Opportunity Advisor my last six years on
active duty.

Convention Standing Operating Procedures
The Convention SOP has been sent to each member of the
Executive Council for review. Convention SOP draft was not
sent to those chapters who have not had representation at
the last two conventions/Spring Councils. If I missed a
chapter, or a member of the NEC, please contact me
separately for a copy. It is my intent to conduct a
telephonic Fall Council as directed by our by-laws. During
this council we will discuss the recommended changes to the
Convention SOP and vote on those changes at the 2006 Spring
Council. Please connect with your Chapter Presidents or
Regional Vice Presidents if you want a say in how the
convention is run. We are now accepting tentative bids for
Convention 2007.

Dining out with Major General Clifford Stanley
The Staff Non-Commissioned Officers of the beltway area
will host a Dining Out on Saturday the 27th of August 2005
at the Spates Community Club, 214 McNair Road, Arlington,
Virginia. The Guest of Honor is Major General retired
Clifford L. Stanley. The cost for Field Grade Officers is
$50.00, Company Grade (Blue Dress Alpha) $40.00, SNCO
(Evening Dress) $40.00, Civilian (gentlemen, black tie,
ladies, formal attire) $40.00. All checks should be
received NLT August 5th. Checks should be made payable to:
“Bernard H. Colebrook Order of the Sword” Please mail
checks to;

Bernard H. Colebrook
Post Office Box 234
Quantico, VA 22134-0234.
Tickets may be fully refunded if cancelled by 4:00PM July
15th. The point of contact is Bernard H. Colebrook (work)
202-874-5311 (home) 540-720-2633 or email; .
Proceeds from the Dining Out will be used for Scholarship
America “Dollars for Scholarship”

As always, please continue to check our official website
for more information through the Association at or or or

Please continue to do all that you do to Preserve the
Legacy of our heroes!

Semper Fidelis!

Joe Geeter
Master Gunnery Sergeant (retired)
National President
Montford Point Marine Association
27 Red Tail Court
Limerick, PA 19468



Historical advisor Byron Stewart PhD


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