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My Platform:  My ten pledges to the Association.

Jul 24, 2005

Members of the National Executive Council (NEC), fellow
Montford Pointers and members of the Ladies Auxiliary.

Thank you for electing me as your National President. I am
confident that our National Vice President, Mike Johnson
and your elected officers are dedicated in ensuring that
the great story of Montford Point will be told in the same
vain as the Buffalo Soldiers and the Tuskegee Airmen.
The purpose of this document is to let you know where I
stand on some critical issues.

A. Reasons for my decision to run for the
National Presidency.
I sincerely did not intend to seek this office when I
addressed the NEC at the Spring Council. My decision was
based primarily on the belief that I could move our
Association forward at a quicker pace. I believe during my
18 year association with the Montford Point Marine
Association, I have established myself as a person who does
what he says he will do.

I was very fortunate to be personally mentored by our first
National President, Brooks Gray, among many others. Brooks
taught me the importance of communications and keeping
folks my Chapter (Beaufort at the time) informed about
everything that the leadership was doing.
Brooks also taught me to keep lines of communication open
by phone calls, mailings and personal contact. Brooks also
encouraged the use of the media. I have used his teachings
to help move both the Beaufort and the Philadelphia
Chapters in compliance with our by-laws and in prominence
with the Association.

B. My Platform:  My ten pledges to the Association.

1.   Follow-up on initiatives begun by my predecessors;
Audit of our Financial Situation
Monitor the completion of our Documentary Film
Revitalize our Monument Project
2.    Meet with the leadership of the Marine Corps to ensure
Headquarters Marine Corps is aware of our concerns,
specifically to ensure every recruit and Officer Candidate
learns the history of Montford Point.
3.   Be seen. I plan to continue to travel to various events
to bring the story of Montford Point to the masses.
4.   Hold our National and Local Officers accountable to the
5.   Streamline the Awards Process, specifically the
6.   Establish firm Convention Standing Operating Procedures.
7.   Establish a membership committee, with our National Vice
President as the Chair, to look for innovative ways to
bring the younger service members in our Organization.
Look for ways to streamline the process to put membership
cards and packets in the hands of our new members.
8.   Revitalize existing chapters, particularly in large
cities such as Atlanta & Cleveland, where the use of the
media can assist us.
9.   Partner with other Veterans Groups, such as the Tuskegee
Airmen and the Marine Corps League, to share ideas and
possibly membership rosters.
10.   Work my butt off to make the Montford Point Marine
Association an organization you can be proud to say you are
a member!

C. What I will do to carry out my pledges to the
I will personally work closely with the National Executive
Council Members to assist, motivate and encourage their
assistance in accomplishing our goals. I firmly believe in
our motto that
“Working Together Works!”

D. What I will not do as the Chief Executive of MPMA.
I will not dismiss any recommendation to improve our
Association before I do my due diligence and consult with
our National Vice President and Regional Vice Presidents,
as well as any former National Presidents, whom I will seek
their input.

E. My final promise to the membership is that I will keep
the lines of communications open. I make every attempt to
return calls within 24 hours unless I am traveling for my
Company. The best place to reach me is at my home number
610-495-3619. I usually reserve Sunday late afternoon and
early evenings to receive and place phone calls. If your
issue cannot wait until then, please feel free to call my
home any day. West Coast members, please be mindful of the
time difference. If there is an absolute emergency, you
may reach me at my work number 610-337-7000 ext 7797 during
normal working hours. Again, please be mindful of my need
to stay focused at work. For those who have my personal
cell phone number, I asked that you restrict use of that
number for all but the most urgent of calls. I can also be
reached by e-mail at

Most of you have known me for many years, please understand
I will not tolerate anyone who thinks they can push through
personal agendas that have no benefit to the Association.
Please do not think you can dump a problem on my lap and
then distance yourself from it. I will immediately ask you
for your recommendation or a solution once confronted with
an issue. I think that a former reporting senior captured
my style very well when he wrote in a fitness report that
those who know me casually may think that I am a Pollyanna,
but that I have the requisite force to complete any
mission. My mission is to help facilitate the advancement
of this Association and to ensure the legacy of the
Original Montford Pointers is never forgotten.
My promise to you is to never lose focus of that mission.




Historical advisor Byron Stewart PhD


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