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Reverend James Moore

Apr 20, 2005

Fellow members, friends,

The first item this update is our National Chaplain,
Reverend James Moore, underwent open heart surgery last
Wednesday and was released from St Joseph’s Hospital on
Saturday. Reverend Moore is recuperating nicely and even
attended services on Sunday (in the audience not at the
pulpit). Both Reverend Moore and his wife Gwen thank
everyone for their prayers and support. For those
interested in sending notes or cards, Reverend Moore’s
address is:

Reverend James Moore
Post Office Box 357
Seabrook Drive
Seabrook, SC 29940

I’ve emphasized in the past how important it is for us to
remain current in membership. With the National Convention
within three months, every membership counts towards our
voting power at the Convention so please take a few minutes
to fill out an application (
and return it so we can have you on or back on our official
rolls. Annual National Dues are $25.00 and the local
Philadelphia dues are $15.00. Please check with the
Chapter nearest you for their local dues amount. You may
write a check for both for $40.00 and make out check to

The deadline for returning your Queen’s Contest ticket
stubs and checks is also rapidly approaching. I’ve said
it before but for those who don’t want to fill out the
complete book, just fill out the top ticket and I’ll do the
rest. The Queens Raffle drive is the single funding source
for our annual Scholarships and helps individual chapters
tremendously with their operating funds so let’s get those
tickets turned in.

The Spring Council was very productive. Every National
Officer was there as well as the four Regional Vice
Presidents and four Past National Presidents. The National
Public Relations Officer, Master Sergeant Carmen Cordoba
has agreed to take over the official website at so expect some changes there
soon. Carmen has also agreed to publish the National
Newsletter, so look for that soon.
Our very own member and National Financial Secretary, David
Fortune, gave a super report on our financial news. Report
will be available at chapter meetings.

Chicago Chapter Recording Secretary, Rochelle Crump,
recently accepted the position of Assistant Director,
Veterans Affairs for the State of Illinois. Rochelle did a
similar job at the City of Chicago level for many years.
Rochelle was also instrumental in the location of the
family members of a Montford Point Marines whose skeleton
remains were unearthed on Okinawa a few years back.
Rochelle was also the guest speaker at the Regional Meeting
in Chicago in March.
Congratulations to Rochelle on her new position!!!

The 2004 National Convention should be a special treat for
all. This convention plans to sell out every event so
please make your reservations at the Hotel as soon as
possible as well as the special events. The highlight of
the convention will be the National Banquet on Saturday 24
July where we will induct the newly elected National
Officers as well as the class of 2004 Hall-of-fame
inductee, so again, please make your arrangements to attend
very soon. If you are in need of a registration form,
please email me separately. DC #6 Chapter President,
William Wilbur is the convention point of contact and may
be reached at 571-642-0465.
I know many have already made their Memorial Day weekend
plans but just a reminder that the WWII Memorial will be
dedicated on May 29th at the Mall in Washington. If you
are interested please contact me for more details.
The Maryland Chapter #28 website continues to be a great
source of information, please visit and
don’t forget to leave comments on the guest book. Chapter
President, James Stewart, does a great job in keeping this
site current. The site has a brand new look so visit soon
and often and tell friends to visit too.

Retired Major General Clifford Stanley has accepted a
position as President of Scholarship America, a Minneapolis
based nonprofit, private-sector scholarship and
educational-support organization. General Stanley will
still maintain his resident in the Philly area and commute
to his new position. We wish the General much success in
his new position. General Stanley will be inducted into
the Montford Point Hall-of-Fame at this year’s convention
in Washington DC.

Major General Leo Williams III officially retired this past
Saturday at the Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD. I, along
with DC Chapter #6 President, William Wilbur and MPMA
Hall-of-Fame member, Lieutenant Colonel (USMCR) Eric
Lindsay attended the ceremony. The ceremony was officiated
by four-star General Peter Pace, Vice Chair Deputy Joint
Chief of Staff and attended by many members of General
Williams’ family and colleagues to include, retired
Generals Stanley and Fields, General Cornell Wilson and
many, many others. The General took time during his
retirement speech to mention Montford Point and recognized
those of us in attendance. General Williams has accepted
an Executive Vice President Position with MediFast Inc.
General Williams was inducted into the Montford Point
Hall-of-Fame during ceremonies at last year’s convention in
Detroit where he was the guest speaker at the banquet.
Congratulations on your retirement General Williams and we
wish you much future success!!

The NAACP National Convention will be held in Philadelphia
this year from 10-15 July. The Marine Corps always has a
set-up on the convention floor. If you attend the
convention, please stop by the Marine Corps set-up and
spend a few minutes with the present day Marines.
Convention will be held at the Philadelphia Convention
Center at 1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA. To register
for the Convention, please call 410-580-5780.

Past National President (PNP), Dr. Herman Rhett has been
working tirelessly on his Final Roll Call Project. This
book tells the story in pictures and words of over 200
Original Montford Pointers who responded to his request for
information. Book will be unveiled at the National
Convention and can be ordered in advance by mailing a check
for $35.00 plus $6.00 for S/H to: Herman Rhett, PNP PO Box
3266 Laurel, MD 20708. Please call Dr. Rhett directly at

Bennie McRae, who has been a friend to the Association for
years and has assisted in posting information on his
website, has provided the following links to African
Americans in the military;
Thanks Bennie for continuing to pass information along!

Finally, the second of our trilogy of coins has been forged
and Beaufort Chapter President, Elijah Abram, has coins now
for sale. Please contact Chapter President Elijah Abram at for further information. I should have
another batch within days. The coin depicts the first 6
African American Marine Drill Instructors and has color on
both sides. Cost of Coin is still only $5.00 each with
$2.00 Shipping and Handling for the first coin and $1.00
S/H for each coin thereafter. Please send checks to me at
27 Red Tail Court, Limerick, PA 19468. Make out check or
money order to “Joe Geeter MPMA” and put “Coins” in the
memo section. 100% of the profit for the coins I sell goes
to the Philadelphia Chapter Operations Fund.

The Montford Point Marine Association is experiencing a
“rebirth” but to continue on this positive path we need the
help of all members so that we may continue to Preserve the
Legacy of the Montford Pointers.

Semper Fidelis!

Joe Geeter
National Vice President
Montford Point Marine Association



Historical advisor Byron Stewart PhD


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