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MPMA NATIONAL UPDATE November/December 2004

Nov 5, 2004

Fellow members, friends,

A much belated Happy Birthday to our Marine Corps to all!!!
I hope everyone had a reflective Veterans Day also. Also,
this update will serve as my November/December update so
I’ll take this opportunity to wish all of you and your
families, a very Happy Holiday Season and a Prosperous

There were many events happening from coast to coast
throughout the organization in the past 45 days and here is
an update on a few of them;

The LA Chapter celebrated the Marine’s Birthday on 12
November. Maryland Chapter 28, President James Stewart
made the trip cross-country to help them celebrate.

The Philadelphia Chapter held their first event in over 4
years on 12 November. There was a packed house of nearly
250 that came out to hear Retired Major General Clifford L.
Stanley speak. General Stanley is currently President of
Schoalrship America.

The DC Chapter held their celebration on 19 November to a
great crowd. Sergeant Major Ronald Featherson captivated
the crowd with a motivating speech about heroes of Montford
Point like Sergeant Major Louis Roundtree.

The Chicago Chapter held their annual President’s Ball on
20 November at their clubhouse. National President
Nathaniel James was in attendance.

Former National Public Relations Officer, Master Gunnery
Sergeant Gilbert Taylor, went out of his way to ensure an
Original Montford Pointer Spoke at the Fort Leonard Wood
Marine Detachment Ball. Mr. Bill Washington spoke
eloquently in front of over 600 attendees!

The word is really getting around that the Association is
in the midst of resurgence! Thank you to all the Chapter
members that are still in the trenches doing the grunt work
to ensure the legacy of our heroes is not forgotten!

Our official website is also in the midst of its new look.
National Public Relations Officer, Master Sergeant Carmen
Cordoba, has begun giving our site its new look. Please
provide her with the necessary information she requests to
keep this site current. Check out the site at: .

Real soon chapters will receive their compliment of Queens
Raffle Tickets to sell. The Queens Contest is our premier
National Fundraiser. Besides raising money for our
National Scholarship commitment and to help with operating
costs, this fundraiser should be viewed as an excellent
opportunity to raise money and awareness of our individual
chapters. Chapters are required to raise a minimum of
$500.00 each to remain financial with the National Office.
Chapters that are not financial will not have any voting
privileges at the National Spring Council or National

Spring Council dates in Chicago are; 6-9 April 2005.
Chicago has blocked out 25-30 Rooms, for the spring council
meeting. Point of contact is Chapter Vice President MSgt
Retired Racine Wilson at 312-217-4162

Convention Chicago 2005

The dates for our 40th Annual Convention are 13-17 July
2005 with the 13th and the 17th being travel days. Chicago
is hard at work to make our 40th Convention as memorable as
the DC Convention, which set the bar high!! We’ll see you
in Chi for 05!

We are still searching for a Chapter or Chapters to host
Convention 2006. If you are interested, please contact the
National President or myself as soon as possible.

The NY Chapter MPMA Website has been updated. Please visit
and take a look. The New York Chapter is working hard to
share local information and activities involving the
Chapter, as well as that of the National, or sister
Chapters as it is made available. Point of Contact in New
York is;

MGySgt James Carr (USMC-Ret)Communications-Website.


Master Gunnery Sergeant Gilbert Taylor received and award
from the Col Choike,Battalion Commanding Officer of the
Fort Leonard Wood Marine Detachment, for raising $1,000,00
in coin sales!
3rd Marine Division New Jersey Chapter Secretary Frank Hall
recently received a certificate from VA Secretary Anthony
J. Principi for his work in preserving the oral history of
all Veterans. Frank has interviewed Regional Vice
President Ken Rollock for a local cable TV show and is a
good supporter of the Montford Pointers.

Former National Vice President and Beaufort Chapter
President, Elijah is our new National Quartermaster. “Abe”
may be reached at 843-838-5475. Please coordinate all
official MPMA items for sell through Mr. Abram. Abe and
Former National Public Relations Officer, Master Gunnery
Sergeant Taylor, are busy working on the final of our
trilogy of coins for the 2005 Convention in Chicago.
Additionally, for the first time there will be a Special
Coin minted for the Ladies Auxiliary.

Maryland Chapter 28 President James Stewart contiues to
update his chapter’s website. Please visit and sign the
guestbook at: This website
continues to provide information to the thousands of folks
who have already surfed this site.

Montford Point Covers are available from Keystone Uniform
Cap, 801 North Front Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123. Voice
215-922-5493, Fax 215-922-5161. Keystone knows our
regulations and the point of contact is Edith. Caps are
approximately $27.00 plus shipping.

Please continue to do all that you do to Preserve the
Legacy of our heroes!

Semper Fidelis!

Joe Geeter

Master Gunnery Sergeant (retired)

National Vice President

Montford Point Marine Association

27 Red Tail Court

Limerick, PA 19468


Note: forwarded message attached.

Joe Geeter
27 Red Tail Court
Limerick, PA 19468

610 495 3619 Hm
610 337 7000 ext 7797 wk



Historical advisor Byron Stewart PhD


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