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Jun 5, 2004

Fellow members, friends,

The first topic on this month’s update is the National
Convention 2004. There have been a few extra hotel rooms
allotted to us for the convention. If you have not made
your reservations, I highly encourage you to do so
immediately. The Crystal City Marriott’s phone numbers
are; 888-236-2427 or 703-920-3230. We have a great hotel
rate and if you miss that rate, it will increase
dramatically. The DC area is always very tight on hotel
space. Information has been out on this for months.
Please pass this to your members and others that are
considering attending this year.

The following are specific points of interest for this
year’s convention.

Election of Officers
The following National Offices will be up for election
(reelection) at this year’s National Convention;


Public Relations Carmen Cordova

Special Projects George Herring

Veterans Affairs Leo Taylor

Sergeant-at-Arms Mike Johnson

Scholarship Director Gene Doughty

If you are interested in either running for or nominating a
member for these positions, please make contact with the
Election Officer, Regional Vice President, Charles Stallard
at or at 502-231-0132. Nominations can
be made from the floor, but we do encourage advance notice
so that the election officer may go over procedures with
the candidates.

Queens Contest
At this point please do not send any reports to George
Herring, National Special Projects Officer. Reports should
be hand carried to the convention. Chapter persons in
charge should bring copies of previously submitted reports
and the stubs to match. Chapter representatives should
meet with George Herring as soon as they arrive to ensure
all stubs are separated and included in the raffle drawing.
Chapters are reminded that in order to participate in the
election and voting process, they must be financial with
their Scholarship obligations ($500.00 from each Chapter).
For further information, Please contact George Herring at

Chapter Rosters
Please bring current chapter rosters to the National
Recording Secretary, Regina Lawrence. I cannot emphasize
enough how important it is for the National Office to have
a current listing of your members.

It is preferred that rosters be on a disk in Microsoft
Excel or Word Format. Regina will accept in any form.

Memorial Recognition
Chapters and members should contact National Chaplain,
Reverend James Moore at 843-846-0881 to notify him of
members who have passed since the last Convention so that
they may be recognized during the Memorial portion on the
National Banquet. Reverend Moore will be a late arrival
this year at the convention so please do not wait until
then to give notification.

Chapter President DC6 and 2004 Convention Coordinator,
William Wilber, has been working extremely hard to ensure
we have a memorable convention. There will be many
surprises and opportunities for the Montford Pointers to
talk to influential leaders in government and the military.
One of the Montford Pointers goals is to include the
history of Montford Point in Recruit Training, Officer
Training and the Marine Corps Professional Military
Education (PME). All members are encouraged to talk on
this issue when in conversation with these leaders. There
is no script, just say what comes natural to you. Your
individual efforts will help out overall plan to make this

Bennie McRae always forwards interested information about
African Americans that have served in the military and
recently sent these sites.

Bennie also passed on this message

WWII Veterans: do you remember a film called "The Negro
Soldier"? Documentary producers would like to talk with
you. Lumiere Productions is producing a public television
series that traces the history of documentary film. One
crucial episode explores the 1944 film "The Negro
Soldier."The first US army training film to depict
African-American servicemen favorably, "The Negro Soldier"
was mandatory viewing for all soldiers and was released in
5000 cinemas after the war. Criticized by some as mild, it
is viewed by others as a landmark in the struggle to
desegregate the military. To tell this story, we need to
hear veterans' accounts – both
positive and negative -- of seeing this film. If you are
willing to share your memories of "The Negro Soldier,"
please contact us. Thank You,
Ali PomeroyLumiere ProductionsNew York City212-807-0796
Thanks Bennie for continuing to keep us informed!

A huge congratulation to Brigadier General Ronald S.
Coleman. General Coleman recently finished up his tour as
the Commander of the Joint Task Force in Haiti and was
awarded the Gold Medal of French Defense on June 3rd for
his leadership during peacekeeping and stabilization
operations in Haiti. This awards makes General Coleman an
honorary French infantryman. General Coleman is also the
Commanding General of 2d Force Service Support Group at
Camp Lejeune, NC.

Chapter Presidents and members are reminded to please
consult with our National Public Relations Officer, Carmen
Cordoba, on any issues that would reflect on
the Association as a group. As always, Chapters are
allowed to use their discretion when talking to the press
about local events, however, if the situation deals with
the Association as a whole, please consult with or refer
the press or group to Carmen. Carmen can be reached at

I am personally looking forward to this year’s convention
and seeing dear friends and conducting the business of
Montford Point. We still have the momentum of what I think
was a very productive Spring Council to build on.

Joe GeeterMaster Gunnery Sergeant USMC retiredNational Vice
President, Montford Point Marine 610-495-3619

Joe Geeter
27 Red Tail Court
Limerick, PA 19468

610 495 3619 Hm
610 337 7000 ext 7797 wk



Historical advisor Byron Stewart PhD


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