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MPMA December 2003/January2004 update

Dec 5, 2003

MPMA December 2003/January2004 update

Fellow members, friends,

I sincerely hope that everyone had a great holiday season
and will have a fantastic 2004!!! There are numerous
initiatives at the Chapter, Regional & National level and I
call on all members and supporters to find time in their
schedules to react to requests for information timely so
that 2004 will be a banner year for our association. The
National Office realizes that we are all volunteers in our
endeavors to preserve the legacy of the Original Montford
Pointers and without your support we could not begin to
accomplish our goals and we thank all who have worked long,
arduous hours in this effort.

In my November update I failed to mentioned that Former
National President, Dr. Herman Rhett and his lovely wife
Mary, President of MPMA #6, Ladies Auxiliary, were present
at the DC Ball as well as Dr. Shirley Plater (PhDEd),
President MPMA Ladies Auxiliary. My apologies for the
omission. Again the DC Ball was a super event that just
gets bigger and bigger each year and I encourage all to
plan ahead for next year.

As we begin the New Year it saddens me to report that the
Marine Corps has lost another African American General
officer due to retirement. Major General Leo V. Williams
III officially retired on 1 January. General Williams and
I have made many official trips together over the last 7
years or so to help support the Marine Corps Recruiting
Command and Equal Opportunity Branch on diversity issues.
The General never tired of meeting people and informing
them about the legacy of the Montford Pointers and others
that allowed him to achieve two stars for his flag.
General Williams is planning a small ceremony in the April
timeframe at Annapolis and we will ensure there is a
Montford Point presence at his ceremony. We all would like
to wish General Williams and his wife Joann, the very best
in his retirement. I know we can continue to count on his
support in his retirement. Semper Fidelis General

All Chapters should have received their compliment of
Queens Contest Raffle Tickets by now. The National Queens
contest is the premier fundraiser event for the Association
for the year. Tickets come in books of 25 and sell for
$1.00 per ticket. Chapters are required to raise a minimum
of $500.00 to keep their chapter in good standings. If you
are interested in purchasing a book, I will personally fill
out the name and address stub for you. Please email me
separately and let me know how many books you need.

Members are reminded that Association Award recommendations
are due at the time of the Spring Council. Awards are
listed in the National By-laws. Also, Chapter Presidents,
Regional & National Officers are reminded that their
reports are also due at the Spring Council. Please ensure
that you have enough copies for the Executive Council
Members. Spring Council dates are 1-4 April 2004 and
National Convention Dates are; 21-25 July 2004. The Spring
Council will be at the Crystal City Marriott, 1999
Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA. 703-413-5500. The
National Convention will be at the Crystal Gateway Marriott
located at 1700 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA
Phone 703-920-3230. Please continue to visit the National
Website at: or the DC Chapter
#6 website at for more information on both
the Spring Council and the National Convention.

Finney Greggs, Director Montford Point Museum, has
submitted a very detailed report on the Museum’s activities
from August-October 2003. The Museum continues to grow in
scope and visitors. Anyone visiting the Jacksonville/Camp
Lejeune area is encouraged to contact Director Greggs to
set up a tour of the facilities. Finney and his staff have
put in long hours to ensure the Museum is a place where you
would be proud to visit. Finney may be contacted at

Louisville Chapter and Regional Vice President, Charles
Stallard continues to inform all in is region about the
legacy of Montford Pointers. In a recent “Courier Journal”
newspaper article, Louisville Chapter members were featured
in a ceremony that added 22 names to the Patriots Peace
Memorial in Louisville. Charles Stallard has been on the
committee that established this memorial since its
inception. An electronic copy of this article can be found
Keep up the great work Charles!!!!!

Jet Magazine (27 October 2003) reported that Vincent T
Cullers, Founder of First Black-Owed Ad Agency had recently
died. Mr. Cullers was a Chicago Native and a Montford
Point Marine. Mr. Cullers served as a combat artist in the
South Pacific during WWII. According to Jet. “For many
years, Vince Cullers Advertising Inc. served as a training
ground for many young, promising Black Professional seeking
their first exposure to the advertising industry”. For the
Chicago Chapter members now would be a great time to reach
out to his family and let them know of our existence and
possibly inquire if there are artifacts that the family
would like to donate to the museum.

I would be remised if I did not provide a continuing plea
for all to become current in their membership dues.
Membership is the foundation that allows our organization
to continue to function. EVERY MEMBERSHIP DOLLAR COUNTS!
Please become current in both your local chapter and the
National office. If you need any information about
becoming current, email me separately.

Thanks to all you who ensure that this newsletter and many
like it are distributed to the masses. Special thanks to
James Stewart, Chapter President, Maryland #28, who posts
this news letter very timely on his chapter’s site at;

Finally, thank you to all who have continued to support our
organization year after year. Your work is not going
unnoticed! You are the bedrock that the original Montford
Pointers depend on to preserve their legacy! I wish all of
you a very Happy and Prosperous 2004!!!!

Joe Geeter

National Vice President

Montford Point Marine Association
Joe Geeter III
27 Red Tail Court
Limerick, PA 19468

610 495 3619 Hm
610 337 7000 ext 7797 wk



Historical advisor Byron Stewart PhD


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