This starts it all Executive Order 8802 

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Reaffirming 8802 Policy Of Full Participation In The Defense Program By All Persons, Regardless Of Race, Creed, Color, Or National Origin, And Directing Certain Action In Furtherance Of Said Policy June 25, 1941.

  Looking forward to better education for our students. We are highlighting speeches of importance, as part of our community service effort to educate, and increase knowledge.

Welcome to the James E Stewart Jr. Historical Recordings Page, that features Tapes, Videos and old time radio recordings for fans of the golden age of radio. What did they feel, think, talk about, and how did they have fun. How did America deal with Black Americans and the movement for equal rights.  On this page you will be able to hear and feel in your mind, what it was like in world war two, and the years after. Now hear Videos, radio shows, great music, and Tapes of years pasted, with A few modern-day Sounds.

Please come back often every day of the week as I add more tapes. Get in your time machine and shoot off to times long ago with these wondrous heirloom shows! 


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 Montford Point Marines, Fighting for Freedom (DVD)  This hour long, broadcast quality video documentary, examines the experiences of the first African Americans to be enlisted in the United States Marine CorpsAll of the narration, and perhaps some of the interview segments, are supported by originally composed music and by martial music performed by the Marine Corps Band.  Visual materials used illustrate both the narration and the interviews will include still shots of Montford Point Marines obtained from the Montford Point Marine Museum, the National Archives, the Library of Congress, and the Marine Corps Museum, including never before seen candid stills of life at Montford Point taken by Montford Point veterans. File footage of battle scenes from the Pacific Theater of World War II and Korea from the National Archives.,8944.html



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James T Averhart National President Montford Point Marines, speech at the Washington D.C., Navy Yard.  



Alfred Masters the first black sworn in the USMC. HEAR JAMES E STEWART SR VOICE & HOW IT HAPPEN.  

The voice of James Stewart Sr. originald Montford Point Marine. The Royal Dutch Marines at one time were station at Montford Point Camp. Here the story & why they were there. 


New World A’ Coming (1944 - 1957)
Broadcast on New York radio station WMCA, this show was based on the work of nationally-known black journalist Roi Ottley. New World A’ Coming was frequently narrated by African-American actor Canada Lee, and showcased the work of other leading black artists (Duke Ellington wrote the theme song). A powerful and politically incisive program that aired political and racial issues in the US Military and on the home front.

The producers urged people to buy war bonds and support the WWII war against Nazi tyranny. Promoting war bonds represented buying a stake in our democracy. New World A-Coming is an exceptional radio show voicing the concerns of 1940s America and highlighting the problems, successes, hopes, and contributions of African-American life.

NWaC 440305 (01) Premier Program


NWaC 440312 (02) The Negro Fascism and Democracy 


NWaC 440319 (03) The Negro in Early America


NWaC 440326 (04) The Negro in Entertainment 


NWaC 440402 (05) Ghettoes


NWaC 440409 (06) The Negro and Health

NWaC 440416 (07) The Story of Negro Humor 

NWaC 440423 (08) Story Behind the Headlines

NWaC 440430 (09) Negro Church in NYC

NWaC 440507 (10) Arrangement in Black and White

NWaC 440514 (11) The Colored Orphan Asylum

NWaC 440521 (12) The Story of James Pearson

NWaC 440528 (13) The Story of Ted Morgan

NWaC 440604 (14) Life in the Ghetto

NWaC 440611 (15) A Statement on DDay

NWaC 440618 (16) The Mammy Legend

NWaC 440625 (17) The Story of Negro Music          

NWaC 441022 (18) The Vermont Experiment (No Opening)
NWaC 441029 (19) Music at War
NWaC 441105 (20) Executive Order 8802
NWaC 441112 (21) The Barbara Latham Story
NWaC 441119 (22) A Tribute to W C Handy
NWaC 441126 (23) Parachutes for Democracy
NWaC 441203 (24) Heroes of the Sky (Partial Show)
NWaC 441210 (25) The American Negro Theater
NWaC 441217 (26) We Deliver the Goods
NWaC 441224 (27) Christmas Program
NWaC 441231 (28) I Teach Negro Girls
NWaC 450107 (29) Hot Spots USA
NWaC 450114 (30) Freedom Road (Part 1)
NWaC 450121 (31) Freedom Road (Part 2)
NWaC 450128 (32) Roll Call (Partial Show)
NWaC 450204 (33) There Are Things to Do (Partial Show)
NWaC 450211 (34) They Knew Later
NWaC 450218 (35) The Story of Blood Plasma
NWaC 450225 (36) Furlough Home
NWaC 450304 (37) Negroes in Housing
NWaC 450311 (38) Negroes and Health
NWaC 450318 (39) Negroes in Labor
NWaC 450325 (40) The Negro Reporter
NWaC 450401 (41) The Negro in Early American History
NWaC 450408 (42) White Folks Do Some Funny Things
NWaC 450415 (43) Memorial to Franklin D Roosevelt
NWaC 450422 (44) The Story of Negro Nurses
NWaC 450429 (45) Report From the Western Front
NWaC 450506 (46) Blood Flows Red (Mid 10 min Missing)
NWaC 450520 (47) The Meaning of VE Day to Negroes
NWaC 450527 (48) The Wind at My Back